Sword art online

Sword art online, also known as SAO, is based in the near future and is about a boy named Kazuto, (also known as kirito) who get stuck in a virtual world with thousands of other players. the only way to escape the world known as Aincrad is to get to the very top floor, without dying. But of corse the catch is, that if you die in the game you also die in real life.

SAO is a thrilling TV series, rated 5 stars on Netflix and 4 out of 5 stars on imbd. It is loved for its action adventure and taste of romance in Kiritos game and reality.

The animation in the series is average but still enjoyable, and for the voice acting, the English dub is extremely good! Though it does lack in a few places, it still meets great standards. 

Overall this is a must watch anime, and with its amazing sound tracks, (such as crossing field and innocence) really helps give the series an extra boost.

If your someone looking for an action, adventure with a perfect amount of romance, then this is for you! 

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Ouran high school host club

The series Ouran High School Host Club, is about a poor teenage girl who gets the chance to go to an extremely posh and expensive
private school. The only catch being that she has to pretend to be a boy.
When looking for a quite place to study she stumbles apon an music room, turning out to be the host clubs room, and is forced to join the club so she can repay her debt after damaging an expensive vase. After getting found out by the club about her secret; being the only girl, more than one person is going to fall in love with her, or should I say him?
The animation with in this series is more cartoonish then realistic, as it uses, arrows, explanation marks etc. While it may have a childish feel to it, it wouldn’t recommend it to young children, for reasons such as a few swears and sexual references, but it doesn’t have it every episode, so far episode 8 is the most guilty.
Usually when you think of English dubs, you think, corny and cheesy voice acting, but surprisingly Ouran high school, has perfect acting, nothing sounds out of place or cheesy, it all sounds nice and realistic!

Overall, I would definitely recommend this to a chic flick kind of lover and someone who loves to choose people to ship, and someone who enjoys a bit of comedy as well!
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The girl who leaped through time

The girl who leaped through time, Is a unique and intriguing film, about a teenage girl named Makoto Konno and her two best friends, Chikia Mamiya; a quirky, playful boy. And Kouksuka Tsuda; nerdy and mature, as Makoto and Chikia like to describe him as. The vocal point if the film is based on Makoto’s new found ability to leap though time, while using it to her benefit, while unknowably effecting others.
This film is very interesting and you just want to continue to watch more. the animation in The Girl Who Leaped Through Time, has a good amount of detail and looks quite realistic compared to other Animes. 
The voice acting didn’t seem corny at all, in fact it was extremely good! lucky this film did have English dub so, if your not into subtitles then this film is perfect!
Overall this film with no doubt is great! I would definitely recommend this to any audience, though it may contain some sexual references, I’m sure, young children would understand its meaning. So if your a sucker for a bit of romance, drama and time travel, then this is perfect for you!

Brave Story

Brave Story, directed by Kôichi Chigira, is about a young boy named Wataru Mitsuya, a soon to be orphan. After the tradgic events of his Father leaving for another woman, and his Mothers sudden need for hospitalisation; Wataru decides to change his destiny, and travels to another realm a mysterious new boy named… Had told his about. So Wataru goes In search of four unique gems stones to fulfil his wish for his family to return to normal.
Brave Story has a few pretty animations but most of it is average, but despite that its incredible plot really does make up for everything else it lacks, such as it only being available to English audiences in subtitles.

The audience this film is aimed at are usually families, but so the parents don’t get bored watching this film with their kids they have also includes an element of darkness in this film, making it enjoyable for almost anyone who likes a good fantasy film.

This film is very close to the two hour mark, but does go at a nice pace throughout the movie, making it seem more like one hour and a half at most. 

After a while of getting into this film you start to fall in love with Wataru, just because of his cute and harmless looks, as well as the rest of the characters.

I think this film has a few perfect life lesson for kids, such as ‘taking away someone else’s happiness to get your own won’t grant you with anything but sorrow’ and because of Wataru’s idea of non-violence, also gives young children a voice saying that violence isn’t always the answer.

Overall Brave Story is not only a great family film with good lessons, it is also a nice film for adults to enjoy. even though it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, It always leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling at the end.

Ocean Waves

The film Ocean Waves -Also known as Umi Ga Kikoeru, or I Can Hear The Sea- by Studio Ghibli,

is based around a teenage boy named Taku, who is making his way through some very enjoyable years with his best friend.

The story revolves around his love hate relationship with a very beautiful transfer student from Tokyo named Rikako, but things begin to get frustrating when She begins to trick Taku into helping her, for the wrong reasons.

The film was directed by Tomomi Mochizuki, and is based on Saeko Himuro’s best selling novel. The animation and scenery in Ocean Waves are no doubt one of the most amazing and detailed anime film that I have seen, it looks realistic but still has a very strong feeling of studio ghiblis original art.

The voice acting with in this film fitted perfectly with the characters personality as well as their lines, but unfortunately this film has never been dubbed in English, but does have Subtitles. 

Overall this film could be liked or dislike highly either way, it beautifully captures a sense of teenage romance, friendship, and growing up into an adult, putting away your past and living in the present.

 But on the other hand, some might argue that this film is a bit boring and has no memo to it, as it is more of a film for adults or older teens to enjoy, as children may get easily bored or confused as of what was happening. 

For this film I would recommend it if you enjoy a calm, fluent and romantic film but for those who prefer more adventure or drama, this may not be the film for you.

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From up on Poppy hill

on poppy hill, by Studio Ghbli, is set in 1963 in Yokohama. the film is based on a young girl named Umi -voiced by Sarah Bolger- who meets a boy named Shun -Anton Yelchin- and begin their relationship as ‘not the best of friends’ but of course as time goes by the two begin to get closer and have unadmitted feelings for each other. But of course something gets in the way of their bond, leaving them both confused, and upset.

During all of this, the schools cluttered and dusty club house is on the midst of being demolished, so working together all the students cleaned the place up, so it seemed new again, hoping it wouldn’t be destroyed.
Despite the few cliché scenes in the film, the way it was written and how professional the voice acting sounded, it really helped give the film the kick it needed to make it truly likeable.
The beautiful animation also had another important part of making this film stand out just that little bit more. The film was all hand drawn, and in 2011 up on Poppy hill won the Japan Academy Prize for Animation.

If your kind of film is a beautiful, coming of age romance, then I would recommend this film! Despite how cliché it might be, the beautiful animation and acting really made it likeable to any hopeless romantic, or if you just like a bit of drama. 
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